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03-01-2003, 02:04 AM
Hey guys,

Trout season is starting soon. I usually spend the month on May chasing trout in lakes and it is time to replace my old windcutter floating line for my 5wt T&T light presentation.

Been so caught up with steelhead that I have not been paying attention to the newer trout lines that have come out.

Most of my fishing is done under 50ft and am looking for a quick loading line that lays down nice and quiet.

What lines do you folks reccomend I take a look at? I will have to say overall I am not overly fond of the windcutter I have now.


03-01-2003, 07:19 AM
Fot FF for trout, my personal favorite is the Wulff Triangle Taper. I notice a lot of 'em being used here in the NE by better "old" fly guys.

I was cussing out my then current line streamside, and a couple of 'em said, "Here - try this." and handed me their rods to try. After only a couple of casts I was sold.

I have now been using one for a couple of years now, and am completely happy with it FOR A STREAM TROUT ROD. I also like the color - a reddish-orange so you can keep track of it easy. (I am partial to floating lines for our fishing here in the northeast; have used it in MT and Yellowstone, as well, and was happy with its performance.

BTW, I make it a point to dress the first 20 feet or so of line with silicone floatant between trips. I always did this on all my floating lines, and everyone comments on how well they float all day.