BoneClave '99 Photo Journal

New England Regional Event - September 1999

What a BLAST!!!  The first annual Atlantic Bonito Conclave held by the "virtual community" of area anglers was a rippin' good time.  We stayed on Washburn Island Wildlife refuge, camping on the water just a stone's throw from awesome late summer fishing on Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds on the south side of Cape Cod.

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(all photos copyright 1999 Juro Mukai, All rights reserved)

There was a little bit of bait around...

...and a few fish eating it.

John Berger and Steve Kim were ready for 'em.

Disguised as a mild-mannered man (Brian C) is a tunoid terror!

Bob Pink shows us how it's done.

Burn, baby burn... Larry's fish shows us it's good side

Pit stop for a speedster who liked my silverside pattern

Guide Bob Desplaines just loves to tell you where to go!  He's very good at it too.

Bob Parson's 'raw bar' and chowda house is now open.

Greg Estey putting coals on the peach cobbler.

Al DeLuca nails a perfect cast into a tricky spot to hook and land a finicky striper

The sun makes an appearance just as coffee is ready

This one gets me kinda right there... (I told you the picture would come out nice!)

The Monday night commute aboard Bob Desplaines spankin' new boat "NE Bay"

Take me to your feeder. (Aaron Adams, Nick Svencer)

Burp. Furrrrt. Grunt. Gulp. Burp... etc. (Cahill, Estey, Estey, Latimer)

Sully and Al DeLuca - camp cuisine virtuosos.

Casual, yeah - but reacts quickly when in contact with water... (Mike Z)

Larry B surveys his domain - check out the autopilot!

My minds still out there swirling in bait

It was my honor and pleasure to serve as clavemeister for this special event.  I think the reactions of the participants were reward enough.  The best things in our lives are those for which we offer friendship, trust and time - simple things we all have and appreciate ten-fold in the company of fellow anglers.

Several times during the clave as I sat looking at the burning horizon; anticipated the busting of albies in the rips; or raised my face to to absorb the calm afternoon sun - I could hardly believe how perfect the clave was unfolding.  There was no element, no person, no boat, no fly nor lure that did not play a part in this epic event.

A toast to camaraderie!

- Juro Mukai

Special thanks to Blue Northern Trading Co. for prizes, Reel-time for providing the New England web community who participated in this event, and most of all to the boat owners who made this possible.

Photographs, Text and Web Design by Juro Mukai

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