Centuries ago, fishermen's stories became the historical records of their time.  Today we enjoy the power of web media and our stories will be the chronicles of our times on the water.

 FORUM Conclaves:

Flyfishing is among the most celebrated activities of all time.  Our membership works hard to keep that reputation going!
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What's a Conclave?

A conclave is a word adapted from an ancient religious ritual to represent our hardcore fly fishing adventures.  For us, it's a gathering of Forum members to celebrate our passion for flyfishing with friends, and you are invited!

  Member's Stories & Articles:

Urban Flyfishing in Montreal Luis Nasim
White Sand and Freedom Kevin O'Connor
Snake River Autumn Duggan Harman
Aurora Fontinalis

Luis Nasim

The Notion of Steelhead

Eric Bigler

The Holy Grail - Wild Steelhead Juro Mukai
Brookies of 
the North
Luis Nasim
Rites of Spring Juro Mukai
Homage to a

Luis Nasim and Family

"Memoirs of the Miramichi"

Ben Iannotta Jr. and Sr.

"Home Waters"

Aaron Adams

Bonus Trip for the Good Doctor

Juro Mukai

Steelhead from Hell

Juro Mukai

We want YOU in our Writer's Guild!

If you're not a great writer DON'T WORRY... in our Writers Guild, we're all anglers first and foremost. In the guild, you can get other Guild members to review the stories you'll publish.  Promote an important cause with your article, or simply tell the world about the awesome trip you just had!

When we publish your story, you get a fly line of up to $50 in value throughout 2001.  Over time, we'll be talking about guided trips from our sponsors and bigger and better rewards for those who contribute their services and time to the site.

Share your experiences with fellow anglers...

Photo Courtesy Aaron Adams

Even if you're not interested in the guild, please feel free at all times to share your insights, experiences, and artistry by entering a fly fishing story, images, artwork or other material for publication as a Flyfishing Forum >Chronicle Feature