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Born in Czechoslovakia, Wladimir Eric Gebauer studied at the School of Applied Arts in Brno.  After completing studies in Atelier in Dresden, he started painting and exploring the graphic arts in Paris, where he resided from 1945 to 1954.  Since his arrival in Canada in 1954, he worked as a professional graphic decorator.
A member of the group Peintres du Québec he exhibited with them in 1956.  He participated in many exhibitions, including a solo effort at the Foyer des Arts Eaton of Montreal in 1974, and subsequently continued to exhibit year after year.  Many of his works are part of art collections in the care of the Alliance Insurance Company and The Rona Group.

His artistic talent and his love of children led UNICEF, in 1989, to choose two of his paintings for reproduction of Christmas cards.   One of  his  works  was  also  depicted  in "50 peintres du Québec".

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The natural surroundings of his beloved Ste. Emilie de l'energie, as well as other Québec locations served as inspiration  to his many works.  A painter of landscapes and still life, many of his oil paintings are reminiscent of the style of the Group of Seven.

Mr. Gebauer was known to fly fish for brook trout by the shores of the Riviere Noire, which ran through his backyard in Ste. Emilie de l'energie.  He passed this love on to his son, who in turn, passed it on to me.  So in a way, I will forever be indebted to him for my love of fly fishing.

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He will be sadly missed by family and friends, but fortunately, his many works will remain as a legacy to be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Luis Nasim